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Collections / Licia

forever in a day;
So why foldingcrane? Ask, and might just receive the answer (: To be honest, this username has nothing to do with origami, though it might remind you of them. Hello, and a warm welcome to foldingcrane's journal. This is Collections, otherwise known as Licia speaking, and she hopes you will enjoy your stay. Licia also wishes to inform you that she cannot fold origami, though she hopes to learn one day.

pieces of the moon;
Randomness is pure awesomeness. So are chocolates. Anyways! How did you stumble across my humble profile page? I would love to know the answer, but I guess this isn't the time for that. This journal is friends only, so drop a comment when you friend me!

paint the sky;
Licia's fandom are all currently dying, or dead, thanks to her not so nice schedule, and well, the soon to be creeping-up-to-her major exams which will be happening about a year. She sounds paranoid about this exams, she assures you that she isn't! There is really, not enough time to stuff all those information into her head!

Still, Collections retains her interest in J-music, particularly J-rock. Her favourite band is GazettE. with Alice Nine being really close. Her last fm is dead, and it isn't her fault! It keeps crashing her computer.

Due to school, Licia has, unfortunately, lost touch with many of her fandoms. She would love to catch up, but that will have to be other her major exams, which will creep up to her before she knows it. Still, her one (current) guilty pleasure is Inception